Sharing Personal Experience With Friends

Lets see the video Sharing Personal Experience With Friends below!

Do you like sharing experiences with your friends? What kind of experience you like to share with your friends? How do you tell your friend? Did you tell them directly or through social media? Or do you like to write your experience yourself. Have you ever wrote a recount text? If you write your experiene in the past, you can write it in recount text. 

When you share your experience with your friend, what kind of experience do you prefer to choose? The happy or the bad one?or maybe both? There are various ways people tell an their experience that happened. There are those who tell in sequence, but some tell only in small parts but things like this will raise questions and curiosity from the reader. To avoid that, try to tell the stories clearly.

There are some things that need to be noticed:

  • Background information 

When you tell about an experience sure you want to share something that already happened, right? Your friends or maybe the reader need to know when that happens. So you need to provide the information when that happens. Then you need to provide the next information about who, where the events occurred. This usually called orientation of the text.

  • Series of Events 

After knowing the background information about when, who and where the event happens then the reader need to know how the event happens. In this case you should tell your experience in chronological order. Where you tell it in the order in which you experience it yourself. So they understand how it was going. This usually called Event of the text.

  • Closing

After knowing how it was happened, then you need to give such conclusion to close the story or how was your feeling about that experience so the they know how you feel or this experience mean to you. After that they can give such opinion about the story. This usually called re-orientation of the text.

Here is the example: 

Losing My Phone

Two days ago I was in the bus station to pick my brother up for his arrival. I touched down at 1 p.m. 

I was playing my phone all the time in that afternoon. I sat in the bench right near the ticket keeper. Then, I bought a bottle of water across the ticket keeper. I forgot to take my phone with me when I bought water. Then I saw my brother out of the bus. I ran to him and we were about to go. That time I thought I lost my phone. My brother told me to check it in the place before. I came back and the ticket keeper told me that he saved the phone for me. I thanked him and we said our good bye to each other.

I was afraid that I would lose my phone. Lucky I still had it back.

Pay attention of the text above. The text is using past tense because the the event is already occured.

That’s how you write or tell your personal experience to your friends. So what is the memorable experience you’ve ever had? Can you tell me how did it happen? Are you ready to make or share your experiences with me? So now it’s your turn to make and tell one of your memorable experience!

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