Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Lets see the video Not All Heroes Wear Capes below!

The history of the Indonesian nation records November 10 is Heroes’ Day. For the sake of maintaining independence, many heroes died in battle. What do we do to commemorate the services of our heroes? Who can be called a hero? What do you think of the heroes do? Someone who went down to war or someone who is saving the world? There is a part of the recount text that tells of an important figure in history, we can call it heroes but Not All Heroes Wear Capes.

A hero is a title for people who are considered to be responsible for many people and struggle to defend the truth. What we can do to continue the spirit of the figure before this generation? It is our duty as the next generation of the nation to continue the struggle of the heroes.

There are many things we can do:

  • Do the positive things 

getting up early, cleaning up the environment, helping people in need are examples of small things but having a big effect. The most important thing is don’t do drugs and such illegal things and be positive. We already know what drugs will do to our generation if we don’t start with ourselves

  • Study well

As students it is indeed necessary to study diligently, education is very importan. We need to study hard so our goals can be achieved to make a a better generation for the future. 

  • Mutual respect and tolerance in every difference to maintain unity and integrity

There are so many differences in religion, ethnicity, and race in Indonesia. but that doesn’t matter if we respect each other. Difference doesn’t make us against each other but creates a spirit of unity in diversity. Tolerance is the key to all kinds of differences

So what does a hero mean to you? A Hero is someone to whom you look up to when you are in trouble. Someone who always bails you out of your troubles. Not all heroes wear a cap means that everybody can be a hero. For example someone who helps an old lady or a small kid cross the road is a hero in their eyes. A person donating some money for who was experienced disaster or a father who gets ice-cream for his daughter in the middle of the night is the ultimate hero. Some who performs acts of kindness or helps others rediscover themselves without expecting anything in return is a “HERO”

So are you ready to be a hero? Plase keep spreading the positive vibe and be kind to one and another.

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