Learning English From Music’s Lyric

Lets see the video Learning English From Music’s Lyric below!

Do you like listening to English song? What is your favorite song? Do you ever pay attention to the lyric of the song you’re listening to?  If you’re mother tounge is not English, you’re probably need to look at the written version of the lyrics to make sure what the lyric is about.  Because maybe what you have heard is different with the original written version. There are times when you may misinterpret or may not understand what the singer is saying. Learning English From Music’s Lyric can also help you see how words are spelled and pronounced. 

Beside that, listening to English song can improve your English vocabulary mastery since English isn’t your mother tongue. When you’re looking at the lyric of the song, maybe you dont know the meaning of the words. So when you dont understand the meaning you can look up the dictionary and understand the meaning and it depends on the context.

When you’re listening to the music, you will try to sing along with the lyrics. When you really like the song then you will try to understand what the song is about. Then you find out the meaning of the word and you might to memorize the word, learn how it’s spelled and pronounced. That’s how music’s lyric works. There are so many ways you can do to learn English. One of the ways is listening to music. Because listening to music is very fun and it’s not like you’re trying to learn something but you get the things you dont know before but in a fun way. 

So how music works on you? Some of you are listening to music to have fun but you can learn something from the music indirectly, without youre trying to. Tell us what’s on your mind.

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