How To Plant and Harvest Rice Traditionally in Indonesia

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Rice is one of the most important staple food in the world. This statement is especially true in Asia, where rice is the staple food for the majority of the population (especially among the middle to lower classes of society). Asia is also home to farmers who produce around 90% of total world rice production, including Indonesia. Have you ever saw how farmer traditionally plant and harvest the rice in Indonesia? Rice is a swamp grass which is widely cultivated as a source of food, especially in Asia. Rice usually planted in paday field. In this article we will learn steps how to plant and harvest rice traditionally in Indonesia

How To Plant and Harvest Rice

  1. Flood the field with soil to soften the soil this is also to avoid unwanted weeds from growing. filling the field with water can be raid-fed or by irrigation 
  2. Plough the land either by using a hand tractor or a carabao attached with a plow. This is done to turn over the soil and bury weeds as well as the remains of the previous crops allowing these materials to be incorporated into the soil and to be decomposed 
  3. Plant the small bunches of rice seedlings by hand. The seedlings are given plenty of space in the ground because the rice plants will grow to be around a meter tall
  4. Wait around around three months for the grain of rice to develop at the top of the plant stalks
  5. Harvest the grain when it turns yellow and hard by hand. During the harvest, the paddy field supposed to be drained to make it easier for the farmer harvest the rice by cutting the stalks with a sickle
  6. Separate the grain from the stalks by threshing it and usually done by hand. 
  7. Dry the grain under the sun in a spread out place. 
  8. Store the rice after it dries.

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