How History Matters

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Is history important to you? Does it affect your life? Is studying history important? Studying history is important because it can tell us how we didn’t know and make us identify who we are right now. The past is important because everything we have ever done affect what we have right now and what we will do next. Our decisions from yesterday influence us today, our decisions from a year ago influence us directly now also just as much as 5 or 20 years ago

So why studying history matters, so here some reasons:

  • Helping people comprehend things that happen in their own lives individually.

In this case history helps them understand people and societies. It makes us aware of the individuals that came before, and therefore permits them to understand why societies behave the way they do. It helps us grasp why certain things happen in the world.

  • Allows poeple you to look at the world differently

In this case we can have a thought how would it can be affect the world right now back in the day. It can help us look at the world in the kind of perspective from maybe from the  figured involved or by the other perspective. It might be different on about the perspective in that day and now. 

  • We can learn from history

In this case through history we raise question, why did that happen? what was the cause of the event? So we can learn that everything has cause and effect. If it was a bad history, we could learn from what we might not to do in the future and if it was a good history, we could rise our spirit we will sure to keep it in our mind and take action to do better in the future.

So history is really important to us. Keep reminding yourself that everything happen for a reason. So there’s no way to going back except you have to be better in the future for your generation. You need to know where you’ve been, in order to get where you are right now and where you’re going. We will continue to be apart of its endless cycle of repeating itself time and time again. So be a good generation.

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