How an Event is Called History?

Lets see the video How an Event is Called History? below!

You must have read a history book, right? What is the contain of the book? And What history have you read? What do you feel when you read the history by yourself? It’s interesting right? We can learn a lot from history.

History is interpreted as a past event that really happened and its actually only happened once in a life time. Even the same event happen again that will be different from previous one. Even if the events are similar, but the time and place and whoever involved in the history is different. Not all events can be called as history. A historical reality can be known through historical evidence. It at can be a witness to events that have occurred.

An event can be called as history if it has the following characteristics:

  • Unique

Means being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else. History is different from other events, it is not general and only happened once. Even maybe there will be another event but that  will not be the same as the original historical event.

  • Eternal

Events in history will always be remembered throughout the ages by people who experienced and witnessed them, and will not change. People will not easy to forget something that really means to them. They will be forever remembered. It’s something

  • Important

History is important for everyone to know because there are benefits to be had. Knowing history will make someone also know the advantages and disadvantages of history.

  • Objective

Historical events in the past based on the facts that occur will be remembered as they are without adding or subtracting from the original story.

So that is the charactiristic of the historical event, hopefully after reading this article you will be more interested in learning history. Who among you wants to be a historian? Keep up the spirit of learning so that your goals can be achieved.

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